Hot Tub and Swim Spas

Bullfrog Hot Tubs & Spas

Bullfrog Spas allow you to select the JetPak massages you like and place them in the spa seats you prefer. Bullfrog's patented design creates the most reliable and energy efficient hot tub.

Customize with JetPaks

Bullfrog JetPaks are designed and engineered with the help of massage and wellness experts to address specific regions of your back, neck, shoulders, and obliques.

Pools and Products


Radiant semi-inground pools is the perfect backyard centrepiece for summer poolside barbecues, or simply soaking up the sun in your favourite lounge chair.


Vogue steel structured pools protected by a combination of finishes. These optimize its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall – ensuring a long, solid life for your pool.


Dolphin fiberglass pools' unique shape and style will make your backyard an exotic oasis!

Hayward Pumps

From variable-speed, to waterfall and pool booster pumps, Hayward’s pump line is engineered for performance, efficiency and dependability.

Water Treatment Analysis

Bring a sample of your pool or hot tub water for a free analysis and recommendation on which chemicals will make your water look and feel great!


Craig Plumbing employs professional, experienced staff, ensuring the proper installation of your above or in-ground pool.

Pool and Hot Tub Suppliers

Picture of plumbing parts and fittings

Plumbing Parts and Fittings

Come in and speak to our expert staff for those do it yourself repairs.

Water Conditioning Product

Improve Your Water

Bring in a sample of your water and get recommendations on water conditioning products.

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Free Water Testing

Bring in a sample of from your pool or spa and our staff will test and make recommendations to get your water feelings and looking great!

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